Sunday, October 23, 2016

Budget 2017 ~ Are you benefiting??

Nothing (much).

For most people, I think it is really nothing much.

For SME, 18% tax rate is better than 19%.

For non-SME, 24% still 24% but "incremental chargeable income" may be tax lesser BUT how many non-SME really benefit from it?

This year, more non-SME looking at lower profit. Next year, could be worst.

Individual, we have a NEW 'lifestyle' relief, better than nothing. The maximum benefit is 28% x RM2,500 = RM700 for those having income above RM1 million. RM700 is really nothing (much) for them.

Well, this budget is a disaster in making because
~ Malaysia spent too much on non-productive items
~ Have less productive workforce
~ People have less purchasing power
~ Revenue can not increase because of weaker economy, domestic and globally.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why Independent Financial Adviser recommends "U For Life"??

Everyone has different needs and different budget.

Not everyone want a Financial Adviser but definitely everyone need to have financial planning.

Most people whom don't buy Life Insurance have the following reasons (or excuses)
~ Too expensive
~ Too complicated
~ Too much other commitments

NOW, it is easy to buy LIFE INSURANCE now.

U For Life
* First Online and Self Service (Do-It-Yourself) Life Insurance website
* Approved by Bank Negara Malaysia
* NO agent. No agency. No middleman. No commission to anyone.
* Really affordable, from RM9.85 per month onward (Male and/or older age pay higher)
* Minimum Sum Assured RM100,000 to maximum RM500,000
* Policy uses Simple English
* Simple Product
* Click here or scan the QR code to start

Those who need the advice can contact a Licensed Financial Adviser (e.g. to draft their personalised financial plan.

Why Most Malaysian Do Not Have Life Insurance Coverage?? Many have but under-cover...

This is an interesting fact.

Most people knows LIFE INSURANCE is important but why more than 44% Malaysian do not own a single Life Insurance Policy?

Why you don't have Life Insurance policy (or don't have enough)??
* Too expensive
* Banyak commitment lain?
* Jargon, don't understand

Same reasons as them?

Now with "U For Life", no more excuses!
** Approved by Bank Negara Malaysia
** Insured by Tokio Marine Life (one of the largest Insurance Company in Japan)
** Self-Service, DIY, No Agent, No Commission
** Online signup (using smartphone also can)
** Pay by Debit Card / Credit Card
** Lowest premium in Malaysia
** Minimum Sum Assured RM100,000 and Maximum RM500,000

Click here to sign up and get covered within 15 minutes.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

For New Uber Driver

Since SPAD confirms Uber is legal in Malaysia, more and more people want to become Uber Driver, for fun and for (extra) fund. There are more reason than just money for one to drive Uber.

Spending spare time to explore the city or to get extra income, is a good idea in the city where money always not enough and many places not explored during working days.

It is easy to drive Uber.
Senangnya jadi pemandu Uber.

First thing first - get ready to drive

 A medium priced smartphone (budget phone process too slow... not recommended)
 Internet data plan (1GB per month should be enough)(FREE data too slow... not recommended)
 GPS must be turn on
 Smartphone always get charging
 Handfree holder for Smartphone (do not drive with one hand holding phone)
 WAZE is recommended to navigate

Step 1)
Turn on the Uber Driver app, go ONLINE (at 0651)
Wait for PING comes
Tunggu PING masuk (Rider minta kereta)
[Too bad, I am too far from surge areas (red colored areas)]

Step 2)
Ping comes within 2 minutes
Tap screen, accepting the PING
Terima PING 

Step 3)
Tap "Navigate" to Pick Up location
Tekan  "Navigate" pergi (Pick Up )
Then Follow Waze / Ikut Waze

Step 4)
When approaching the pick up location, Waze will stop and back to Uber Driver app
 → START TRIP when rider get into your car
 → START TRIP semasa penumpang naik kereta anda.

After "Start Trip", then the destination will be shown (sometime rider didn't set destination first, can be added later, system will detect and update in your Uber Driver app)

Selepas "Start Trip", destinasi penumpang akan keluar (kadang-kala penumpang tidak masuk destinasi, dia boleh masuk selepas naik kereta dan Uber sistem akan sambungkan ke smartphone anda)

Tap  "Navigate" to the Destination
Tekan  "Navigate" pergi Destinasi 
Then Follow Waze / Ikut Waze

Step 5)
Upon reaching destination or drop off, pull the menu up, touch the "Complete Trip" to complete the trip.

Dah sampai atau hampir destinasi, bawah "Dropoff" ada → COMPLETE TRIP untuk kira tambang dan anda boleh tunggu penumpang yang lain.

Driver must give rating to all the riders
Rider can choose not to rate driver.

How much I made first trip in the morning?

Untung berapa trip pertama pagi ini?
Tambang RM24, tolak Uber Fee (25%) masih ada RM18

2nd trip of the day came in within 5 minutes.
Trip kedua masuk dalam masa 5 minit sahaja.

Sometimes, during the trip (before dropoff), you will get new request, which usually nearby the dropoff location. Just tap the screen to accept incoming request.
Sebelum turn penumpang, boleh ada PING masuk juga, boleh terima dulu, tak payah tunggu ping selepas turn penumpang.

Minat jadi Pemandu Uber?
Click SINI untuk pendaftaran 

Interested to be New Uber Driver? Click HERE to register.

Minat jadi Pemandu Uber?
Dokumen yang diperlukan
1) IC Malaysia, umur 21 dan keatas
2) Lesen Memandu yang sah (belum tamat tempoh)
3) Polisi insuran kereta yang sah (belum tamat tempoh)
* Nama anda sebagai pemilik kereta atau pemandu yang diberi kuasa (Named Driver / Authorised Driver)
* Kereta 4 pintu yang agak baru, tahun 2008 ~ 2016 
Pentanyaan / Inquiry:-
>> Whatsapp 0192683279
>> Messenger

For More Information, visit

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Digital Marketing - A Must Do for any business

I am exploring FB as Digital Marketing, it is costly as I am just learning from ground zero.

If you have budget, may consider expert like >>

I don't have budget for marketing, digital or non-digital.

~ Admin