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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Financial Products And You

We work hard to generate income.
We keep as much income as possible to become our asset.
We grow our asset to become our wealth.
We preserve our wealth for a comfortable post-retirement life.

There are many vehicles out there, to help us along the way to meet needs at different stage of life.

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Key reasons for using financial product
  1. To protect what we already have.
  2. To protect what we going to have.
  3. To preserve what we have.
  4. To accumulate our income.
  5. To grow our wealth.

Many people try to grow the wealth the "fast way" by investing somewhere.... the golden rule is

Rule No 1: Don't ever make losses, If you have, Cut losses.
Rule No 2: Don't forget Rule No 1.

Remember the old adage,

No one fail to plan, they just plan to fail.

"Secure Your Future" by proper planning.