A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: 5% Rebate on Petrol

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5% Rebate on Petrol

Just collected from Pos Office a Citibank Credit Card yesterday, applied earlier.

Why do I bother to apply another credit card? I can't resist it because:-
  1. 5% rebate on any petrol station any time (limited to RM30 rebate per month)
  2. 2% rebate on Giant/Tesco/Carrefour/Cold Storage any time
  3. 2% rebate on Maxis/Celcom/Digi bills
  4. 2% rebate on Watson and Guardian
  5. 0.3% all other retail purchases.
How wonderful...


  1. Another example of financial planning - saving without much effort. (instead of those penny-wise-pound-foolish type of saving)

  2. I have applied this when someone approaching me at the shopping centre.

    But OCBC offer is even better, everything 5% capped rm120 until end of the year. After that rm50.

  3. @Simon

    Thanks for your sharing.