Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If I have saved RM500 per month when I was 20....

Real story:

When I was young, I made good income because I am hardworking.

An insurance agent approached me for a Regular Saving Scheme of RM500 per month, I have almost sign up but... I thought I will be better of investing the money somewhere for better return (ROI).

10 years down the road, I don't see where is my "money" because
1. ROI is negative
2. No regular saving
3. Money spent on Wants (lifestyle, renovation and holiday trips)

If I have follow the plan for a 5% CAGR, I should have a fund of RM79,240.72 (RM500 x 12 x 10 + investment return of RM19,240.72) Wow, such a big sum by just 10 years x RM500 at 5% CAGR only.

Will I wait for another 10 years to start a saving plan? No. I will not.