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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maximize the NCD for your car

A Ringgit saved is more than A Ringgit earned (income tax effect)

“Buy Your First Car as Cheap as Possible and Use It for 6 Years Before You Buy Your Dream Car”

Interesting blog to share. Click here.

Some thought after reading this blog. You may not even need to really buy a old car (that may cost your high maintenance cost). Just transfer it from your parent or uncle / aunty their old car will serve the purpose.

Plan ahead a saving is not difficult.


  1. Yes, you're right. That could be the best option in fact. But one thing is you will never own a car. Also, what about your old car? If you sell it, what are they going to use?

  2. I have a friend delay the decision to buy car for fews (good discipline of delayed gratification). The moment she bought a Perodua, she starts complaint this cost and that cost! Life changes.

    Another friend of almost the same age, she bought a condo that appreciate at least RM50k but still have not buy the first car.

    It is all about choices...