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Monday, October 4, 2010

Are you looking for a long term stable return?

Are you looking for a long term stable return for your investment?

We hope to get a perfect scenario of getting return of 10% every year for next 20 years. To achieve a CAGR of 10% is not difficult for many expert, however, you and I are likely not an expert. Click here for a clear illustration of two scenarios - Perfect and Likely.

Under perfect scenario, additional 5% return for next 20 years will have a whopping 407% different.
However, it is hypothetical for average investor. It is not impossible as long as you keep on learning and practicing - visit www.equitiestracker.com for course or subscript their services to help you achieve higher ROI consistently.

Else, may be you will believe that putting  some money in a lower return but steady long term return fund is better than somewhere up and down (even you have applied DCA as a strategy to minimise risk, by the way, DCA won't works on bad investment or betting on a dying company)