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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buy cheap thing vs. Buy thing cheap

Do you buy cheap thing or buy thing cheap? Am I confusing you? Lets define it properly.

  • Buy cheap thing means buy something sub-standard quality and therefore pay a lower price.
  • Buy thing cheap means buy something at your desire quality but paying a lower price instead of a standard price.

To control one's spending habit, the expert always encourage us the "spend within your mean", "spend less than you earn" etc. However, nowadays, there are too many things and gadgets that are too attractive to own or to enjoy. How to spend within your mean is therefore really challenging.

To live frugally doesn't really mean to buy cheap thing. You have the rights to enjoy life and the good quality things available to you, you just have to buy it cheaper.

Example for buy thing cheap:-
  1. Buy from wholesaler instead of from 7-11 or supermarket for the thing you are spending, anyway.
  2. Buy re-fill pack instead of small-size packaging (if you will consume 100%, anyway)
  3. Buy from hypermarket (make sure price is low) instead of buy from 7-11
  4. Buy when the thing isn't that "hot" - i.e. don't pay premium e.g. iPhone 3. or 60" LCD TV. Buy used instead of new. New products always price higher. Just wait for a while, the price will drop. You may have a better feature product at lower price.
  5. Buy unit-linked policy instead of term life. (if you are seriously looking for protection),(Click here for the comparison).
Do you have any idea of "buy thing cheap" to share with us?

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