A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: How to invest in a Bond Fund (at the lowest possible fee)?

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to invest in a Bond Fund (at the lowest possible fee)?

What is Bond?
A Bond is simply an 'IOU' in which an investor agrees to loan money to a company or government in exchange for a predetermined interest rate. 

Currently, retail investors do not have a direct access to the Malaysian bond market. In order to diversify your investment portfolio, ETF for Bond can be considered.

Why an Exchange-Traded-Bond-Fund (ETF Bond)?
  • Access to the inaccessible class of investment.
  • Easy to buy; Easy to sell (just like you invest in any share, using the same trading account with existing securities firm via broker or trade online)
  • Lower charges as compared to buying a unit trust
  • Diversify your investment
Comparison between ETF Bond Fund vs Stock vs Unit Trust (Bond Fund)

Click here for brochure from Bursa for ABFM1.
Click here for FAQs from AmInvestment


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