A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: Why investment-linked insurance policies gaining popularity?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why investment-linked insurance policies gaining popularity?

Investment-linked (also known as unit-linked) life insurance policies.

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The insurers are transferring "the burden of growing financial asset value" to you as you are now to decide where to invest your money as opposed to they invest it for you in the traditional life fund (click here to understand where life fund invested in).

  • It offers the greatest flexibility;
  • Transparency in costs.
  • Lowest cost of insurance (COI) as compared to other traditional products.
  • You decide how much and where to invest your fund (e.g. 25% growth fund, 50% income fund and 25% blue chip fund)

  • You have to decide the allocation of fund. A wrong move could deplete your saving easily.
  • High COI for older age - be aware and to adjust for unnecessary level of coverage to reduce the COI.


  1. LIC has declared that the present cashless form is not in support of the customer as many hospitals were not compliant with the facility. In many cases hospitals are over charging if a patient comes with an insurance cover that offers cashless treatment. Therefore LIC has set up its health department at Hyderabad, which will contain the centralized data.

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  3. i want to know about unit linked insurance & there are 7 things that i want to know about unit linked insurance.
    1. security of capital & ease withdrawal
    2. management expense
    3. inflation rate
    4. selling expense
    5. yield per year
    6. risk
    7. duration of investment
    Based on above, is all insurance company have the same rate or each of the insurance company have difference rate for unit linked invesment