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Friday, November 19, 2010

4 great threats to a person in life...

It is strange that some people will think so seriously about insuring tangible possessions – their homes, cars, and jewelry – and yet will postpone insuring adequately the thing that makes these possessions possible – their earning power. 

Most people fail to realize that life insurance actually offer people the most efficient method of achieving economic security. In service-oriented civilizations, life insurance is known as the “Good Financial Earth.”
There are four GREAT threats to a person in life: Unemployment, Disability, Death (premature), and Old Age. Life insurance is the only instrument that offers elements of security against these four threats.

Life insurance for family protection is necessary in our world today, because of a combination of three fundamental facts of life from which there is no escape –

1. Life is uncertain

2. Income is necessary to life, and

3. Men love their wives and children

Ponder these three facts for a moment. When you do, you will realize anew that just so long as life is uncertain, just so long as income is necessary to continued existence, and just so long as men continue to love their wives and children – just so long will life insurance endure.

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