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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Earn Cash Back from Credit Card!!

I will receive a cash back of RM97.75 in my November 2010 statement for expenses paid by Credit Card in September to October 2010. First time receive such a big "ang pow" from the bank.

Best Cash Back program I can see now are OCBC Titanum and this Citibank Cash Back Platinum. I am expecting Cash Rebate from OCBC from next month onward.

Do you know any better credit card offer, please share with us.


  1. It's good to get back cash...I prefer to use Direct Access when shopping at Tesco

  2. I'm active user of Direct Access too before I apply Citibank two months ago, approached by their telemarketing people, the cash back is too attractive to reject.

    Shortly after that, a reader prompt me about the OCBC Titanium, which is even better...

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