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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Low cost Personal Accident Insurance from Maxis

How much do you pay for PA of RM100,000? I believe most people are paying anything above RM60 per year, right?  Good news for those would like to purchase a PA policy or switch to lower cost PA.

Maxis offer a RM 5.00 per month plan for a benefit of RM180,000, isn't it great? Maxis is not an insurance company but they work with ACE Synergy Insurance Berhad to offer all Maxis customer this low cost insurance.

Below are the details of benefits and coverage

Coverage P1 (RM) P2 (RM)
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement 180,000 70,000
Snatch Theft/Robbery Benefit 500 250
Settlement of Outstanding Phone
Bill (due to Accidental Death &
permanent Disablement)
500 500
Monthly Premium RM5
(Inclusive of RM0.50 handling fee)
(Inclusive of RM0.20 handling fee)

Benefit Schedule 
Permanent Total Disability 100%
Permanent Loss of two (2) Limbs 100%
Permanent Loss of sight in two (2) eyes 100%
Permanent Loss of one (1) Limb and sight in one (1) eye 100%
Permanent Loss of speech and hearing 100%
Permanent Loss of one (1) Limb or sight in one (1) eye 50%
Permanent Loss of speech 50%
Permanent Loss of hearing in both ears 50%
Permanent Loss of speech and hearing 75%
Permanent Loss of hearing in one (1) ear 30%

Where to find more information?
Click here for Maxis website on PA Insurance.
Click here for Master Policy
Click here for the PA Insurance Policy.
Click here for claim form.
Click here for nomination form.

If you subscribe, please be aware of the policy will lapsed when you have SWITCHED your number to Digi or Celcom.

How to apply?
Ok, MAXIS user only.... To apply, just send an SMS request (with the keywords from the list below) to 27007.
Upon successful purchase of an insurance policy, an M-money account will be automatically created for you.
Product/Menu Opt In/Out Keyword Shortcode
1 Personal Accident Insurance BUY PA 27007
2 Insurance Main Menu INSURANCE or INS 27007
3 Transaction History HISTORY 27007
4 Cancel Transaction
(Only for PA Insurance)
STOP INS 27007
Coverage will take effect immediately upon SMS confirmation from Maxis, subject to Terms & Conditions.

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