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Friday, November 19, 2010

Say YES (Malaysia's first 4G mobile internet)

Something big happened today.

YTL launches the first 4G (4th Generation) mobile internet service.

Will the future be shaped by YES? I hope so, current 3G or 3.5G is boring and unexciting.

The innovative things about YES are:-
1. Pay-as-you-go
2. No contract
3. No lock-in
4. No expiry
5. Lowest rate (9 sen per SMS or per minute of talk or per 3MB of data)
6. up to 5 times the speed of 3G
7. Covers up to 65% of population upon launching.
8. No sim card (you can turn computer into a phone by just log in like MSN / Google Talks)
9. Local rate for calling from oversea back to Malaysia (effectively like VOIP but with your own YES number)
10. Single bill for voice and data.

The official website is extremely congested since launch at 6pm today until now (11.30pm).

Will you try it?

I will.

Subsequent Post: Truth of YES 4G

Update: 23.11.2010
Nanyang.com: 电讯业不受4G手机冲击 语音服务料掀削价战
The Star: Can YTL keep promise to be cheapest mobile phone service and survive?

Update: 27.11.2010 

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