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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Truth of YES 4G

Is YES a Pay-As-You-Use service just like Water and Electricity?

From the official website

You don’t need a SIM pack to get started with Yes, nor do you need to commit a big amount upfront. All you need to get started with Yes is a one-time activation fee of RM50 and a minimum credit purchase of RM10. After that, just maintain a monthly usage of RM 30 and you’re all set to experience the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice!

Source: https://www.yes.my/portal/public/ytlc/store/packages/moreDetails 

Despite that, it is still the BEST plan for those who just need reasonable usage of internet access (less than 1GB a month) at low budget of RM30 per month.

  • If you are heavy internet user (use above 5GB or even 10GB data per month), unless you don't mind to pay (a lot) more for higher speed, YES 4G is not for you.
  • Credit do not expire? It does. Click here.
  • Does not replace Maxis, Digi or Celcom (MDC). Because it is just another ISP. You can't do MNP.
  • Must buy YES4G phone if you use voice more (yet you still need another phone for MDC as YES cover mainly in Klang Valley only)
  • SMS can not support chinese character.
More info
- Facebook www.facebook.com/Yes4G
- Are you covered? Find out here.
- SoyaCincau

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