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Friday, November 26, 2010

Why I use Autopay Service

Click here for OCBC PayMaster form. I like this online form, just to key in information and print out, no need to write as I prefer type than write.

Why use Autopay (or PayMaster servcie) from credit card issuer?

I find this service has the following advantages (and therefore I have been using it for years but wonder why still so many people queue at post office to pay bills):
  1. Pay your total bills together with other charges (like petrol and shopping etc) at one go, save time.
  2. Save your trips to post office (save time and cost)
  3. No need to rush for deadline 
  4. No service interruption (especially telcos' bill)
  5. Earns 1% rebate or 5% rebate from OCBC Titanium!
  6. No worry about over payment etc because all these company is well established and any overpayment will be reflected in the bills and can immediately offset next month bill.

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