A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: Hypermarkets sell more expensive by 30%

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hypermarkets sell more expensive by 30%

Recently I have notice certain items sell at hypermarket/specialised store are more expensive than a convenience store like 99 Speedmart (of course not 7-11, which is more expensive for everything except the price controlled items).

I am still wonder how come Giant sells 30% higher than (RM16.89 vs RM12.99) 99 Speedmart for item like Nutella Ferrero Hazelnut Spread. Other item like V-Soy, Giant sells 14% higher than (RM3.89 vs RM3.40) 99 Speedmart.

On an electrical item, a 4 gang adapt socket, a DIY store in Ikano sells more than 25% more expensive than 99 Speedmart. Of course, I am comparing apple with apple (same item, same model, same brand).

Anyone can share with us why 99 Speedmart manage to price it much lower? All the while my presumption is hypermarket sells lower because of the volume they have..... now only I know I am wrong....