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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Save electricity bill - Say No to Incandescent Light (& Save the world)

The standard incandescent bulbs currently lighting your home have changed very little from Thomas Edison’s light bulb invented in 1897. Only 10% of the energy used by these standard bulbs contributes to light; the other 90% is heat. Production of light is based on principle of a filament rendered incandescent in a neutral atmosphere or vacuum which prevents combustion. Nowsaday, incandescent bulb has been gradually replaced by compact fluorescent light (CFL) and LED. But there is many people still using incandescent bulb which is deemed cheaper than others.

Is incandescent light cheaper than others?

How much CO2 emission to environment for each incandescent bulb?

How much I can save if I change incandescent bulb to LED?

In term of cost and energy saving, which type of light is the best?

Why shall we say no to incandescent bulb?

Following are the analysis of few type of lighting completed with cost and energy calculations.

6 reasons to say no to incandescent bulb …

1) Low Efficiency – Contribute only 10% of energy to light, the rest 90% will be dissipated as heat, which will result in poor luminous efficiency.

2) Short Services Life – Incandescent lamps only have a service life of 1000 to 2000 hours. LED can last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lamp.

3) Significant Heat Dissipation – Substantial heat dissipation will further increase environmental temperature or putting more burden to colling system.

4) Energy Wasting – Significant energy savings for CFL, 14W against 60W for the same level of brightness.

5) Cost Saving - click here.

6) Reduce CO2 Emission

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