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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time-Based Passes from Maxis

The best thing with Digi is the no-bill-shock when your mobile internet usage was above the predetermined quota. Therefore, it is quite a suffering as a Maxis user that uses mobile internet. I had "kena" twice for the charges above quota, which were "shocking".... also learn that many people also have "kena" this.

Hope Maxis is changing to a fairer way of charging... I have noted today that Maxis had recently (from 1.12.2010 if not mistaken) implemented a measure so user would be 'buta-buta' charged for usage beyond the quota.... refer FQA here, extract from the FAQ as follow regarding the usage beyond the quota.

Q How will I be charged once my postpaid Monthly Pass volume quota has been exceeded?
A "When you reach your Monthly Pass volume cap, the session will not be disconnected and there will not be any SMS noti cation. Subsequent usage will be charged at RM0.05/10KB but charges will be capped at a maximum charge of RM250 per bill.

Time-based passes is a new product from Maxis as the mobile internet business gets competitive with new player, YES, coming on board about a month ago.

1 Hour - up to 100MB for RM2.00 only
1 Day - up to 500MB for RM8.00 only.

Click here for more information on time-based passes.
How to subscribe? Please *100# and send... and follow instruction.

Happy surfing!

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