A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: Sad day - Maxis charged me for usage over quota

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sad day - Maxis charged me for usage over quota

Refer to the FAQ from Maxis,

Q How will I be charged once my postpaid Monthly Pass volume quota has been exceeded?
A. "When you reach your Monthly Pass volume cap, the session will not be disconnected and there will not be any SMS noti cation. Subsequent usage will be charged at RM0.05/10KB but charges will be capped at a maximum charge of RM250 per bill.

A small mistake on last Sunday for not monitoring the usage on the last day of the billing period, over used by 30MB. I have mistaken that a SMS notification will be sent and connection will be disconnected on ce the volume quota has been reached.

What an "unfair policy" for "postpaid" user. User will NOT be informed on the usage beyond quota and will be "penalised" by up to RM250.