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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will Writing - DIY or get Professional?

How to decide whether to DIY or to get a professional service (and of course, need to pay....)

Click here for the guideline.

I believe many people have not write a will (therefore we have RM40 billion in unclaimed money). As most Malaysian are not insured (life insurance), even more have not write a will, do you agree with me for this simple logic assumption?

When come to will writing, most people may think of "unnecessary" or fee too high to pay. i believe this is a matter of "education" on the importance of having a will (as compared to without a will) - click here for the 5 reasons Why a Will is Important.

Yes, you may DIY a will but if your yearly income is above RM30,000 - a simple will writing service fee may cost only 1% ~2% of your yearly income... and the best thing... you only need to review/update every 3 to 5 years.