Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Credit Card To Earn Extra Cash Back


Insurance Rebate
Great Eastern Insurance Premium Rebate(via Great Eastern Easi-Pay Service ONLY) 2.00%
Maximum Insurance Premium Amount per year RM 6,000
Maximum Insurance Premium Rebate per year RM 120
Monthly Retail Rebate
First RM 1 - RM 10,000
Subsequent RM 10,000.01-RM 20,000
And Thereafter > RM 20,000 2.00%
Monthly Education and Medical Rebates
Monthly Education and Medical Rebates 1.5%
Maximum Retail Spend, Education and Medical Rebate per month RM 200
Maximum Retail Spend, Education and Medical Rebate per year RM 2,400

Beside using one cash-back credit card (that gives only RM50 cash back per month), I will transfer spending/charges (after accumulate just enough cash-back of RM50 per month from my existing OCBC Titanium MasterCard) to this card else i will be losing out. Further, it gives 2% rebate for my GE policy, using other card I may get between 0.3% to 0.5% or points that only worth 0.5%.

For other category spending (i.e. other than GE premium, education and medical), this card gives 0.75% for first RM10,000 which is more than double of the Citibank Cash Back of 0.30%.

It is quite easy to qualify for this card:
  • Exclusively for Great Eastern policyholders only
  • Minimum age: Principal - 21 years old; Supplementary - 18 years old
  • Minimum income: RM36,000 per annum
If you are not GE me, let me recommend some agent for you.