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Friday, March 25, 2011

Increase personal productivity

Recently found this service after Google "Internet Fax".

eFax.com claim the # 1 but their monthly fee is beyond my budget, USD12.95 per month not to mention that they charge USD0.10 per page of outgoing fax. I sign up for the trial.

A day later, I google again "Internet Fax" and found FlexiFax.com.my - a Malaysia company providing the same but at a more affordable fee, within my budget, RM15.95 per month (for incoming fax only but with 10 complimentary pages of outgoing fax per month).

There are few reasons I strongly believe it helps to improve our productivity, be it self employed or doing some small business.
- You get your personal fax number (instead of share with other colleague and pick up your important fax from fax machine or worst, wrongly pick up by others or even worst, intentionally remove without you knowing)
- You get your incoming fax anywhere... anytime (as long as you get connected to your email inbox)
- You can make a going fax anywhere.... anytime (as long as you get connected internet and have the file in softcopy)
- You don't want to miss a fax because fax machine run out of ink, or power supply fail or fax machine breakdown.
- You save on fax machine cost or even a telephone line monthly fee.
- You don't want to waste money (ink/toner + paper) in JUNK fax


If you sign up this service, don't forget to put my name "CHONG KONG HUI" as your referral.

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