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Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Bill Shock (Definitely No Bill Shiok) from MAXIS

I really don't know how to complaint again.... I was charged "again" RM250 for over usage of quota. This round, new story.

My quota for 1.5GB was from 10 March 2010 to 9 April 2011. On day 9th, I found that my usage may be over the quota since the usage but still within the way below 1.5GB then I try to upgrade it to 3.0GB over the website self-service menu and I thought it is a smart move before I burn the quota and "shock" again.

I just received the bill today for month ended 9 April 2011 and I was "shock" again for RM250 as the way MAXIS compute the usage is unacceptable. My total usage for the month was less than 1.9GB but was charged extra RM250.

Therefore, I will change to Digi after my contract with Maxis expires on 11 July 2011 and I don't like to live in "shock" world. By the way, I have to use YES to do my work now to avoid "shock" before 11 July 2011.

Update (Feb 2012)

New Plan from Maxis. Seem like they have learn to improve it. RM0.30 per MB is much more reasonable.

You will receive an SMS notification once you've reached 100% 
of your monthly internet allocation. Choose to upgrade with these 
affordable passes or continue surfing at only 30 sen/MB.

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