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Friday, May 27, 2011

Beware when the word "UP TO" is used in promotion .....

Case A
Bank      :   Public Bank
Product  :   PB-Esso Mobil Visa Gold Credit Card

Marketing word:
*Up to 8% cash rebate on on fuel and non-fuel purchase at Esso or Mobil service stations

Fact [disclosed, not hidden]
additional 3% cash rebate on top of the tier. The maximum cash rebate is RM80 per month. Promotion valid till 31 March 2011 and the 5% as follow in tiered rate:-

< = 100 0.5
>100 - 200 1.0
>200 - 500 2.0
>500 - 800 3.0
>800 5.0

Case B
Bank       :   Alliance Bank
Product   :   Younique Credit Card 

Marketing word:
up to 2% rebate monthly

Fact:[from a hidden webpage.... https://younique.alliancebank.com.my/faq.php?section=credit_card]
The cash back is credited monthly into the card account and calculated based on the table below.

Alliance Rebates MasterCard  
Monthly Spending Range (RM) Rebate Factor
0-500 0.50%
501-1350 0.70%
1351-2550 0.90%
2551-5000 2.00%
Above 5000 Nil  

1 comment:

  1. I work out the Public Bank Esso promotion tiered rates... if one spent RM1,000 on petrol in ESSO, the card user can get RM26.50 cash back based on the tiered-rate.... effectively 2.65% for such a high amount spent.

    If you only spend RM300 on petrol... ha ha.. cash back is only 1.17% or RM3.50 effectively.

    Anyone can prove my calculation wrong?