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Sunday, July 31, 2011

How much do you need for retirement?

I think the answer is "it depends".

Some may need RM10 million while some may only require RM800,000 but it is all "relative".

If you are living in a high-consumption lifestyle where you monthly household utilities and maintenance come up to RM2,500 a month... then you definitely need much more for retirement than some one only have RM500 for household utilities and maintenance.

If you need to travel to overseas for family reunion or vacation every year or every quarter.... then you definitely need more in your retirement fund.

No matter how much you have... it is not enough if your "high-consumption-lifestyle" is controlling you. So, learn how to control your lifestyle so you will have enough no matter how much you can have. (of course, to have more is better than to have less when you are 55 or 60 and "have" to retire for health reason)

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  1. It is become harder and harder for citizen in Malaysia to live in for their retiring life if government keep squandering people money.