A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: I HAVE to cancel my Hong Leong Bank Fortune Card

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I HAVE to cancel my Hong Leong Bank Fortune Card

This is the first card I WISH and HAVE to cancel after using for only 3 months.

First, they didn't reward me the 1% Real Cash Reward as promise. Upon the call to the customer service, the officer told me that the reward will only appear on 6th month statement so I will have to WAIT for another 3 months. What a surprise!

Second, the customer officer said must spend above RM2,000 in a month to qualify for the 1% Real Cash but in the term and condition fine print it stated otherwise i.e. every RM0.01 retail spending entitled for the 1% Real Cash.

Third, they charge me RM7.59 as Retail Interest for a RM88.70 outstanding that I pay late by 2 days on 7th September 2011 because of the long Hari Raya and Merdeka holidays. I am NOT complain about charging interest for late payment, late means late, but anyone please do the maths for me to derive RM7.59 from a RM88.70 outstanding statement balance.

This card really let me down. They have delivered a service beyond my imagination.


  1. I believe maybe some one bring u wrong, fortune card must use more than 2000 only can accumulate to your account, u may see the paper u sign and apply , the left over paper which apple and tear off half for u and half for them to keep, the one u will keep is the card doing , I just applied it's really need 2000 only will be accumulated to ur account in every month basis.

  2. No point to have a card that "force" you to charge RM2,000 while there are many good cards out there. The min charge of RM2,000 is not stated in any marketing brochure etc and therefore for me, it is tantamount to cheating consumers.