A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: I HAVE to cancel my Hong Leong Bank Fortune Card

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I HAVE to cancel my Hong Leong Bank Fortune Card

This is the first card I WISH and HAVE to cancel after using for only 3 months.

First, they didn't reward me the 1% Real Cash Reward as promise. Upon the call to the customer service, the officer told me that the reward will only appear on 6th month statement so I will have to WAIT for another 3 months. What a surprise!

Second, the customer officer said must spend above RM2,000 in a month to qualify for the 1% Real Cash but in the term and condition fine print it stated otherwise i.e. every RM0.01 retail spending entitled for the 1% Real Cash.

Third, they charge me RM7.59 as Retail Interest for a RM88.70 outstanding that I pay late by 2 days on 7th September 2011 because of the long Hari Raya and Merdeka holidays. I am NOT complain about charging interest for late payment, late means late, but anyone please do the maths for me to derive RM7.59 from a RM88.70 outstanding statement balance.

This card really let me down. They have delivered a service beyond my imagination.