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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roam for RM10 per day only

I noted this innovative service from flexiroam.com while travelling to Bangkok this Friday at LCCT.

As a new service provider, they are now giving away 1,000,000 passes the month of September 2011 and if you sign up now, you will also earn a RM10 credit easily too. I have already got mine. Click here for more info.

We all know that roaming call charges is ridiculously expensive but it we are away from Malaysia and yet need to get connected, we will have to try to balance both cost and connection. Any ignorance will cost us a bomb.

How about the idea of limiting the roaming charges to only RM10 per day? Sound great right?

I will surely enjoy unlimited voice roaming with a known cost of only RM10 per day, now even better with a free 7 days pass who doesn't?

Click here for more info on how it works.


  1. This is indeed a good way to save money while having a trip. I hope this kind of service is also available in other countries in Southeast Asia where I usually do business visits.

  2. Check their website, already available in few countries...