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Monday, October 31, 2011

Stock Pick: RSawit (5113)

I don't understand why the share price move up so much after the listing of Rights Share when the share price was so low before the issuance of Rights Shares.

Anyhow, I did make some profit from holding this for less than three months, have all sold by today.

Should anyone continue to buy RSAWIT at above RM1.40 (new 52W High today at RM1.43) as the Bonus issue of 1:1 will be ex by coming 9th November 2011. Lets wait and see.


Rolling 4 Qtrs/
QUARTER ENDED02-201005-201008-201003-201106-2011
Turnover ('000)*48,07741,75244,13774,39694,196254,481
Profit before Tax ('000)*9,7357,3056,92622,65532,83269,718
Net Profit ('000)*7,2055,4504,90815,67324,07350,104
EPS (cent/sen)**5.6104.2503.83010.01015.15030.633***
Source: equitiestracker.com

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  1. To sourplum, good for you. If you bought at RM1.47 and keep now, value is almost RM2.00 damn good ROI within two weeks.

    Question... to keep or to take profit?

  2. sold @ 0.97
    but still i'm not sure if it is good decision or not.
    anyway thanks for sharing the info here.

  3. Still good, over 30% ROI within 2 weeks. Whether to sell or to keep is all depends on individual profile (risk you willing to take, how much fund you have for investment, knowledge of the counter, preference in particular sector etc)