A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: UOB revamps its ONE Card.... now better than Citibank Cash Back Platinum

Thursday, September 8, 2011

UOB revamps its ONE Card.... now better than Citibank Cash Back Platinum

Well.... UOB has finally catching up with the game of Cash Back credit card.  The structure is "like" copy from Citibank Cash Back Platinum but of course, improved with Cash back 5% on Golden Screen Cinemas - targeting moviegoers. Best of all the minimum income requirement is only RM24,000 as compared to RM48,000 for a Citibank Cash Back Platinum card.

Apply online to get free gifts. (Bank rewards you instead of marketing people)

  • UOB ONE Card Cash Rebates Schedule
    Check out how much Cash Rebates you can earn from the schedule below :
    Rebate Category Cash Rebates Total Purchase Entitled for Cash Rebates Merchants
    Petrol 5.0% Up to RM600 per month All petrol stations
    Cinema 5.0% Unlimited Golden Screen Cinemas
    Groceries 2.0% Up to RM1, 500 per month Tesco, Carrefour, Giant, Cold Storage & Pasar Raya Jaya Grocer
    Pharmaceutical 2.0% Unlimited Guardian, Watsons & Caring Pharmacy
    Telecommunication 2.0% Unlimited All major mobile service providers
    Other purchases 0.3% Unlimited All other merchants not listed above ^
    ^ Refer to the Terms and Conditions

    Click here for more information.


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  2. I think I know very well because I benefited a lot from it...

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