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Friday, October 7, 2011


Full article from http://www.merdekareview.com/news/n/20524.html

  • 我国家庭债务对国内生产总值比例,从2004年的66.7%飙升至2009年的76%,非常接近美国在2008年全球金融危机时期的水平
  • 国家银行在今年3月份的数据显示,个人贷款占家庭总债务的比重,已经上扬至15%的水平。
I have recently from time to time received calls from Banks offering easily 5 figures personal loan, of course, I have rejected all because I know that it is very dangerous to spend money with this type of loan.

Spend within limit, know your "need" and control your "want" and you will never have to borrow a "Personal Loan" to settle credit card debt etc.

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