Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Citibank Cash Back Card - mistake in computation of cash back

Have been enjoying good cash back for past 1 year with Citibank Cash Back Platinum card. (5% rebate for Petrol; 2% for Digi/Maxis/Celcom etc....)

Unfortunately, recently I found out a mistake for cash back earned in the statement dated 20 September 2011. Citibank shorts me by RM50.66. I called in and ask them to investigate and confirm my computation.

Few days later, an officer returning my feedback and say that they has credit back the amount to me. I was driving at the time and I trust them.

When I received my statement dated 20 October 2011, the amount due to me was not there. Huh! Another mistake also for cash back computation in statement dated 20 October 2011. Now, Citibank shorts me RM55.34.

I do hope it is a bug in the system and not deliberately con the consumer.

Do you have one? Don't forget to check your cash back entitlement.