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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIGi not good?

Read a comment from soyacincau blog, I find it interestingly true for me and therefore to share here. What do you think? If you look at DIGi's share price and financial results... they are doing very good (may be that is why not good for consumer)

U CAN'T rely heavily on internet for communication (WhatsApp,Line, Kik) with DIGI.. 
lets face it, DIGI coverage for calling is limited,call quality is crap, call price and sms are expensive DIGI turbo 3G lagi limited coverage EDGE coverage is ok ok sometime cannot call at all coz not even got gprs coverage 
DIGI offer the lowest speed with quota( 700kbps) and they now imposed max 5kbps after quota,..so it as good as your internet are block,..with a cap of 64kbps or 128kbps,it still usable but with 5kbps,u can't even open a website.use VOIP..or whatsapps..it s good as being BLOCKED 
CELCOM got good coverage, the speed within quota are a whole lots higher than DIGI, after quota, the cap speed will still allowed u to still open a website or use VOIP..or whatsapps..the call quality is better and cheaper.. 
DIGI just conned u to think they are cheap..but if u add up the "hidden cost"..then u know..what good bringin a huge smartphone with u, when u can't get smart because there only GPRS coverage and a phone that won't let u call or receive call as their is no coverage.. u end up bringin an expensive paperweight all round.. 
i had make these mistakes,so hope no one will not fall for the same trap again

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