Thursday, November 24, 2011

Get refund from fire insurance policy

Fire insurance premium rate is determined by the PIAM code according to the usage of the premises. Example,

                   Trade / Occupation                                 Rate for Construction
PIAM Code     Classification                                         Classification 1A

1102             General merchandise                                 0.229%
1106             Departmental store, emporiums,
                   Supermarkets, mini-markets &
                   Shopping complexes                                  0.133%
1112             Laundries/laundrettes & dry cleaners            0.283%
1114             Markets/Wholesale Market (Wet)                 0.217%
1116             Hair Dressing Salon/Beauty Salon                0.193%
1118             Signboard Maker/Frame Maker Premises        0.415%

Therefore, when you have a new tenant, make sure you have your rate revise and claim back your premium, if applicable.