A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: Get refund from fire insurance policy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Get refund from fire insurance policy

Fire insurance premium rate is determined by the PIAM code according to the usage of the premises. Example,

                   Trade / Occupation                                 Rate for Construction
PIAM Code     Classification                                         Classification 1A

1102             General merchandise                                 0.229%
1106             Departmental store, emporiums,
                   Supermarkets, mini-markets &
                   Shopping complexes                                  0.133%
1112             Laundries/laundrettes & dry cleaners            0.283%
1114             Markets/Wholesale Market (Wet)                 0.217%
1116             Hair Dressing Salon/Beauty Salon                0.193%
1118             Signboard Maker/Frame Maker Premises        0.415%

Therefore, when you have a new tenant, make sure you have your rate revise and claim back your premium, if applicable.