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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harvest (9342) - The fantastic counter

This is NOT another Stock Pick session but a sharing. It is better learn from a distance than to learn with your money with HARVEST.

Brief summary of what is happening....

  • 14.11.2011 - The share price moves to new high of RM2.14 from merely 8.0 sen (closing price on 11.10.2011) in 1 month. For few market days, it touched the "upper limit".
  • 15.11.2011 - Finally Bursa suspense this counter for 1 day and designate it as "Designated Securities"
  • 16.11.2011 - Opening first transaction already touched the "lower limit" at RM1.50
  • 17.11.2011 - Opening first transaction also touched the "lower limit" at RM1.05
  • Tomorrow 18.11.2011 - ???

You can see from below image, the selling pressure is so huge.

What is "Designated Securities"?

The trading of the securities will be declared as "Designated Securities" upon occurrence of a situation of excessive speculation as well as the existence of abnormal trading patterns. The decision to designate a securities also takes into account the interest of ensuring a fair and orderly market for the trading the affected securities.
With the designation, trading in the securities continues but will require payment upfront before buying and a free balance of securities before selling.
What is "Upper Limit"?

"Upper Limit" means the highest price at which the securities can be traded from a Reference Price in a trading session as stipulated by the Exchange. Usually is 30% above previous closing.

So, what is the point of this post?

Don't touch the "speculative counter" with no "fundamental" - as you can see, without fundamental, a share can FREE FALL from RM2.13 to RM1.05 in two market days.


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