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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Should You Justify an Expense?

When Should You Justify an Expense?
  • When you are producing revenue
  • When it saves you time (e.g. pay bank charges for interbank transfer)
  • When it helps you to improve the quality of your work
  • When it makes your business more secure (e.g. pay for well known software to protect from internet risk)
  • When it improves your image (e.g. buy yourself a good phone/suits/shoes)

Therefore, based on above, a bank charges of RM2.00 for interbank transfer is actually not too expensive if you value your time MORE than your RM2.00, right? 

IF you are not in business (i.e. you are an employee only), these guidelines are actually still relevant because you are still within a Business (i.e. think for your employer).

Whether you are doing business or not, do not falls into the trap of thinking "saving" when Expense helps your business/life.

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