A Personal Finance Blog for Malaysian: REIT - Comparison between UOA and HEKTAR

Monday, July 16, 2012

REIT - Comparison between UOA and HEKTAR

Price for almost ALL REIT counters has been increased quite significantly over last two months.

HEKTAR and UOAREIT both may still have substantial upside once affected (as other REIT) by the buying spree for REITs.

Which is better?

By the way, FQA (Franchise Quality Analysis) is measurement of quality of a company from the eyes of investors. FQA measures Net Profit, Positive Operating Cash Flow, Dividend Payout and Positive Free Cash Flow.

Defence is the gauge for Safety of Principal. No point to invest in something gives you 'hope' but you may lose 50% over next 3 months and never recover.

FQADY must be high as it is a gauge for how consistent and reliable the company can and will pay you dividends.
NTAPS is the Net Tangible Asset per share, i.e. how much the asset worth.