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Sunday, March 10, 2013

HLB Wise Card - Best Credit Card For Year 2013?

Just cancel my Citibank Cash Back.... A good card but no longer meet my spending habit and find it troublesome to make payment.

Thinking to replace with another Cash Back card that meet current spending habit, and easy to make payment as well - Hong Leong Bank WISE Credit Card.

Selling Points for WISE Credit Card

  • Cash back everyday, not limited to Weekend or Sunday
  • 10% instead of 5% or 2% 
  • Earn Cash Back from up to 3 categories of Merchant (Mobile+ 2 out of 10 categories to choose from) and I will choose the following
  • Mobile (Bonus Category) - I have Maxis, Digi and YES (min. 3 transactions per month)
  • Petrol - I have 2 cars, min 5 (easily up to 10) transactions per month
  • Groceries - Min. 2 transactions per month  

Max. Cash Back can be earned from this card is RM100 per month - not exciting but good enough for most not-so-high-spending individual and in a year will come to RM1,200 - not too bad, can buy a iPadMini.

Extracted from HLB website, Terms & Conditions

To be eligible to earn Cash-Back for the month, the Cardholder must have a minimum of any Ten (10) retail transactions (the “Transaction”) in the same calendar month and each with a minimum amount of Ringgit Malaysia Fifty (RM50).

However, the Annual Fee is not cheap, RM160 for a Gold card, not sure can get waiver based on good usage? If not, one must earn max cash back and the net cash back will be consider worthwhile.

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