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Friday, May 31, 2013

Should you use a mortgage broker?

TIME-SAVING: With so many loan packages out there, mortgage brokers sift out the best deal for you thus saving you time and effort

You can buy a general insurance policy from an insurance broker, who will source for the same with the best features from the insurance companies that it represents. You can buy a unit trust from a financial consultant, who will choose the unit trust with the best returns from the unit trust companies that it represents. So why wouldn’t you be able to apply a loan from a mortgage broker too?
Applying for a housing loan from a mortgage broker is the latest trend in the competitive mortgage industry. The advantages of a mortgage broker are obvious and well documented.
Going direct to a bank/financial institution: Borrowers can always go direct to the banks or financial institutions who advertise heavily in the media. One phone call and a mortgage sales officer will attend to you at a place and time convenient to you. No more do you need to meet your bank branch manager at the branch to apply for a housing loan. It is very convenient to you.

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