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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why you could not retire? It is your lifestyle.

How much is enough to retire?

RM1 million? Today, RM1 million seem like nothing as many landed properties or even condominium price tag is more than RM1 million. So, RM3 million? or RM5 million?

How many people can retire with net-worth of RM5 million or more? I guess only the 1% of the population while the 99% like you and me will have average much lesser than RM5 million.

After all, how much is not really a goal, but how to, is the real concern.
If you retire with no fresh income coming in yet keeping your luxury lifestyle, you will find trouble soon. If you can adjust your lifestyle, yet create a source of fresh income after retirement, highly likely you will never run out of money.
It is possible to have fresh income after retirement? I believe so...

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