Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PRS - Private Retirement Scheme. Is it worth investing in?

What is your reason to invest (or consider to invest) in PRS?

RM500 one-time contribution from Government?*
Tax incentive? **
Just something looks promising? ***

I agreed with the concept of building retirement fund and if you have not started one and regardless you age, you should do it NOW.

Anyhow, PRS might be the best or might not be the best suitable for you. You have to study the whole system carefully before starts one...

* Applicable if you are below 30 and is Malaysian.
** Are there any Tax Relief for PRS? Just maximum RM3,000 (max tax saving RM3,000 x 26%).
*** Marketing and projection by fund house may looks promising but it depends on some other factors for your money to grow healthily.