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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to set up a Blog?


Step 1. Think of a Name and Purpose....

  • Name, best to be easy to remember
  • Purpose, something your passionate about or for commercial purpose.

Step 2. Own domain (e.g. www.AskChong.com) or use Blogspot (e.g. http://alfredsek.blogspot.com/)?

  • Own domain may cost you some money but it feels good to have own name.
  • Free domain like blogspot is good because it is FREE.
Step 3. Register a Blogger Account with (www.Blogger.com) (of course, there are others like Blogger but I'm not so familiar with them e.g. https://wordpress.com)

  • Depending on Step 2, might need some setting adjustment....
Step 4. Start blogging...

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