Saturday, February 7, 2015

Investment-Linked Plan, first in the Market, 100% Premium Allocation from Year 1

ManuLink Shield is a regular premium investment-linked life insurance plan specially designed to maximise the potential investment return, while at the same time provide insurance coverage, for the entire duration of the policy.


Currently, in the market, generally Investment-Linked plan collects about 200% out of 600% of first 6 years premium for charges (i.e. Unallocated Premium)


BUA Premium AllocationHLA's EverLife PlusPrudential's PruMillion
Year 147%40%
Year 252%50%
Year 376%60%
Year 476%70%
Year 590%90%
Year 690%90%
Year 7 and onwards100%100%

With MORE % allocated for investment from year 1, i.e. the Investment Funds can get significantly enhanced especially if the fund is really performing.

Since this is not a normal plan, the premium starts from RM3,600 per year instead of RM1,200 per year for most Investment-Linked policy. Apparently Manulife is not keen to capture 'tiny' cases.

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