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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Invest with "platform", in Unit Trust.

There are more than 20 fund houses, probably 30 and altogether more than 300 funds in Malaysia, approved by Securities Commission.

How do you invest and manage your investment, effectively and efficiently?

Imagine over the years, you have invested into few funds over few fund houses, how do you consolidate your investment to find out your current holdings? do you have any idea how much you have profited from the investment? or losses?

Do you pay too much sales charge for new fund when you sell from existing holding to switch to the new fund or another fund?

In order to facilitate investment, Securities Commission has approved, at least two companies, to provide the platform for investors to invest with advice from approved financial advisers, these two companies are iFast Capital and Philip Capital.

You may now invest, manage your portfolio, switch between funds with low or no cost, effectively and efficiently with the platform.

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