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Saturday, September 19, 2015

PRUmyChild from Prudential... one of the best in the Market

Get Protection from as early as 
18 weeks into pregnancy

As soon as you realise you’re pregnant, a special relationship begins. Even in this early stage, you feel connected to your baby and you want to keep her safe. That's why PRUmy child secures your need to protect her, from as early as 18 weeks* into your pregnancy with its pre-birth and infant coverage.

PRUmy child Infant Care* benefits at a glance:
Incubation within the first 60 days from the birth of your child
Hospitalisation for 15 congenital conditions up to age 2
Admission into Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency Unit for up to 60 days, within the first year from the birth of your child
Neonatal jaundice that requires phototherapy treatment within the first 60 days from the birth of your child

* Optional benefit is subject to underwriting and additional premiums for 2 years, and must be purchased within 18 - 35 gestational weeks.

Contact us for more information at Pru@ChongKongHui.com

PRUmy child

Planting the seeds towards a SECURE EDUCATION FUND for your child

Will you be prepared when your child is ready for higher education? 

With PRUsaver kid or PRUedusaver, you can start building your child’s education fund and reap the potential of higher returns through our series ofPRUlink or PRUlink education funds. You can opt to receive the payout for your child’s education when they are entering higher tertiary institution anytime between the age of 18 – 25 years next birthday.

Download Brochure HERE.

Important notes:
1.You should assess the affordability and suitability of the product (including optional benefits) in relation to your financial goals and risk appetite. To achieve this, we recommend you speak to your agent or Wealth Planner who will perform a needs analysis and assist you to make an informed decision.
2.This website is for illustrative purposes only. You are advised to refer to the Prudential Product Disclosure Sheet and Sales Illustration before purchasing a plan, and to refer to the terms and conditions in the policy document for details of the important features of the plan.

3.Buying life insurance policy is a long-term financial commitment. You must choose the type of policy that best suits your personal circumstances. You should read and understand the insurance policy and discuss with the agent/Wealth Planner or contact the insurance company directly for more information. 

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