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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Have you ever review your insurance policies?

Policy with outdated non competitive benefits

Why you need to review your policies every 2 to 5 years?

Do you still remember the reason(s) you "buy" those policies?

Are you sure your policy is still the best policy for you now, even thought it might be 5 years ago when you first signed on the dotted lines?

Insurance companies create product to sell (plan), product changes accordingly to the market conditions.

Competition makes product more innovative, and even cheaper. Don't you agree that the smartphone you are using now is so much better and cheaper than the one you bought 5 years ago?

Just did another review for a friend, she paid RM355 (now plus GST) per year for a so called comprehensive PA for RM100,000 since year 2006, but now she can get a lot more than double of that coverage with almost same amount of premium, with Allianz Shield PA.

Contact your independent financial adviser now to do insurance review for you.

You will always have something to gain, nothing to lose.

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