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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life isn't always smooth sailing

Today is a bad day for me.

Not feeling well since last night, diarrhea, still not recovering in the morning.

Rushing to cinema for movie with family and parent, ticket booked online last night,  while on the way there, car window malfunction, have to turn back to change another car.

After movie, heading to office and have a minor incident. An angry car driver (nice number plate B** 18) get offended by my negligence and our cars scratches each other, on the surface only.

He was wrong, for react to my negligence and cause the scratches, so am I for cut into the line.

Well, as compared to any person's financial disaster,  today's misfortune of mine seem "wet wet water" (Cantonese: small matter).

Life isn't always smooth sailing.

Bad day is just 24 hours and over soon, good day comes. But bad financial planning will impact us much longer than just 24 hours.

That's why you need insurance.

That's why you need a good financial plan.

What if business fail or you face retrenchment?

What if the family key income earner unable to earn due to misfortune events?

My problem today is so "small"  as compared to my friend.

My friend car involved in accident today, i think the car almost total loss.

Luckily no bodily injury but will compensation be enough, if the insurance policy is not on Agreed Value?

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