Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New to Uber? Don't just use UBER, claim RM10 FREE Ride with Promo Code!!

I have met new Uber riders, use Uber without Promo Code. What a waste when Uber give you RM10 for your first ride.

How to claim it? Quite simple.

Skip to step 3 if you already register but not yet use.

Step 1
Download Uber app here.
Step 2
Register details
Very simple requirement
(credit card NOT required)

Step 3
After registered and "Sign In".... you are ready to request a car but wait....enter the promo code first.
Look for Menu (as per the arrow shown)
Step 4
Look for "Promotions", the click "Add Code"
Step 5
Enter the Promo Code MariUber and "APPLY".

Then you are good to go.