Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why Most Malaysian Do Not Have Life Insurance Coverage?? Many have but under-cover...

This is an interesting fact.

Most people knows LIFE INSURANCE is important but why more than 44% Malaysian do not own a single Life Insurance Policy?

Why you don't have Life Insurance policy (or don't have enough)??
* Too expensive
* Banyak commitment lain?
* Jargon, don't understand

Same reasons as them?

Now with "U For Life", no more excuses!
** Approved by Bank Negara Malaysia
** Insured by Tokio Marine Life (one of the largest Insurance Company in Japan)
** Self-Service, DIY, No Agent, No Commission
** Online signup (using smartphone also can)
** Pay by Debit Card / Credit Card
** Lowest premium in Malaysia
** Minimum Sum Assured RM100,000 and Maximum RM500,000

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