Thursday, February 2, 2017

9 successful people share the smartest thing they’ve ever done with their money

Business Insider posts on *nine successful people. They list the Smartest things they've ever done with their money...

  1. Build an emergency fund. (AskChong: Start from RM100 if you can't afford RM500)
  2. Pay yourself first. (AskChong: Open another account to save RM100 per month, or more)
  3. Invest in real estate (AskChong: Perhaps not now...)
  4. Bought a computer (which led to a career)
  5. Invested in ideas
  6. Made my money work for me
  7. Started a business
  8. Lived below my means (AskChong: Perhaps this should be First Thing First)
  9. Invested in myself.(AskChong: Read More... Attending some fair priced workshop)
It is a pretty good list. Hard to argue with any of these except...
  • Not the best time to invest in real estate in 2017 and 2018
  • You can't do item 3 if don't even have item 1 and item 2.
  • Item 7 is difficult but not impossible if you are gainfully employed.

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