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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to fund your retirement?

There are various way to fund your retirement. You can dispose your house in Klang Valley and move to rural area as a way to fund your retirement.

Today, we discuss only those can be done via regular saving method.

If you are employee of a company, EPF is not really an option but if you are self-employed, then you can choose to 'self-contribute' or not.

REIT is a stable as compared to other stock you can buy from the Share Market.

Endowment plan is offered by Life Insurance companies, usually low but stable return, bundled with insurance element.

Platform investment including iFast Capital or Philip Capital, where you can invest in over 200 unit-trust funds (over more than 20 fund houses) under one account.

Platform investment also available for non-RM but minimum is USD350 per month. Currently only available through the service of Financial Adviser's Representative (licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia).

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